Workflow of Maintenance processes

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Workflow of Maintenance Processes

Transactions – requests, orders, reports and forward actions with the possibility to expand tree structure with solutions based on related and derivative documents or documents in cooperation, it can include other arrangements.

  • In a case of connected transactions there is no need to create new inputs again and again. User is able to “copy” the same actions from one transaction to another one.
  • Automated numbering of all transactions with default values is a sure thing.
  • In the transactions there is a possibility to add all maintenance tasks, e. g. preventive, predictive, faulty, modernization Everything is modifiable and you can add other type of maintenance tasks.
  • In the transactions, and according to superior part, there is a possibility to specify/choose a reason for maintenance, e. g. seized bearing due to no lubrication. These reasons for maintenance can be used for detailed reporting.
  • Transactions “In Cooperation” provide a possibility to measure time activity for each team member with their cost.
  • “Derived transactions”, “Related transactions”, “Measurement” creates a hierarchy for process solution.
  • Multi-stage approval of transactions is connected to the subject of maintenance.