Tree Structure

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Machinery structure

Definition for hierarchy of your centers, lines, machines and their modules, key components and activities without restrictions.

  • The key area for definition of the maintenance subject is general tree structure of all maintained devices and assets. This structure includes unlimited expansion with the possibility to add specific maintenance action on any level of this structure.
  • The same items of this structure can create other  alternative structures for e. g.  lubrication and inspection plans, preparations, mechanical revisions or audits.
  • Validity management provides a possibility to change structure or sub-structure in the course of time.
  • Automated replenishment of spare parts from catalog to structure, based on reported maintenance, provides a possibility to increase a detail of monitoring.
  • The functionality “Drag and Drop” provides a possibility to copy, move or move to date of the validity without losing historical data in your structure.
  • Companies, workers, professions and divisions can predefined as a default value for planning and reporting.
  • History of all maintenance tasks is accessible for selected level of your structure.
  • Document management system – possibility to attach documents, pictures, technical drawings, diagrams and working instructions for selected items, it includes versioning management, signatures, generation from templates or field merging in MS Word 2010-2016.
  • Planning and reporting for all processed maintenance tasks can be done for final device and gradually increase this detail to spare parts or modules.