Imports and Integration

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Integration with other systems

Synchronization via XML, T – SQL or direct data system browser to other databases (SQL + connection)

  • S• Maintenance connection to enterprise information system and to other systems, e. g. to automated controlling system, is fully customizable.
  • Primarily, the process fo synchronization is focused on data warehouse and asset maintenance, or measured values by automated controlling system.
  • The purpose is to avoid duplicity creation in enterprise and maintenance systems. Stock, spare part location, price, supplier and contacts are synchronized to the maintenance system. The spare part change can automatically generate dispatch document from warehouse.
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  • During implementation period we offer imports from MS EXCEL tables.
  • If you use PROFYLAX system and if you are not satisfied, you have a possibility to import definition and historical data about maintenance tasks. You can use our offer and import all data from PROFYLAX system for free.