Enterprise Resource Planning

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The majority of all companies use more than one information system. This usually creates a need of data synchronization between these systems.

Data synchronization

  • This tool, Robot, has a possibility to define which data or information, how often and where must be transferred. This definition is predefined by an administrator of the system. This person defines all batches and their steps to be processed. These actions are automatically logged in (log file is created).
  • The most often use is data transfer between databases and data files – all these actions are scheduled. However, if there is a need to do this manually, there is a special tool for manual batch processing (e. g. accounting reasons). Users can choose specific batch to be run, there is also information about last run done and final status of the batch (e. g. success, failed, in process).
  • This tool, Robot, has a possibility to process with more data sources at the same time.
    • Microsoft SQL Server®
    • Oracle®
    • Informix®
    • Interbase / Firebird®
    • MS Access® (mdb)
    • MS Foxpro®(dbf)
    • ODBC ovladače
    • OLE DB
    • MS Excel
    • TXT
  • This tool, Robot, provides a possibility to predefine company transmissions and their steps via these programs:
    • EXE – executable files (.NET, DELPHI, C, C++ and others)
    • DLL – dynamic link library
    • SQL tasks
    • VBA tasks


Robot can inform users via e-mails or via SMS. All users can contain information about e-mail or phone number contact. You can define what and how often is sent to the users in your system.

Automated reporting

  • Predefined reports are generated and sent to specific users