Kingspan a.s. is the part of Kingspan Group with the headquarters in Ireland which is a leading European distributor of components for civil engineering industry, especially wall and roof isolation panels. The centre for CEE region is located in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.

Management of Business Activities – CRM

  • 1000 users in 50 countries of Europe and Asia
  • Key benefit: quick creation of representative business offers
  • Central data from various countries
  • Flexible respond to customer demands
  • Independence of business information on language environment
  • Exceeded expectation: A tool for organising large sales activities with close relation to production
  • Different legal environment and national habits in various European countries
  • Support for Salesmen off-line connected to system
  • Data update between the central database and foreign branches
  • Central register of offers and sales information
  • Multi-language environment and specific demands on print reports and documents in various countries

Key Business Management – ERP, MES integration with production automation

  • 500 users
  • MES system implementation (MES – Manufacturing execution system)
  • Bespoke extension of current ERP system
  • Database platform change and integration of various databases from other suppliers
  • Standardization of internal enterprise processes in the fields such as planning, manufacturing, management of production orders
  • Development and implementation of a large system in the short time
  • Multi-language environment – (Czech, Polish, Hungarian, English) and conform to legislative rules of 3 countries
  • Full integration of ERP system with industrial automation was provided. Production lines management systems are online connected with SG Enterprise system. Customer service department and production planning can directly upload cutting lists into production line control systems. Online generated data of manufacturing process are being transferred to packaging, stock of finished goods, despatch and further used for result analysis (product quality, delays, line speed, etc.)
  • Bespoke software covers these enterprise fields: order management, APS system (APS – Advance planning system) including MRP module, on-line reporting, packaging, stock material issues, finished goods receiving, despatch, accessories production, transport, truck monitoring and financial reporting including multinational consolidation.